A cybersecurity professional development for up to 10 teachers and a summer camp for 40-50 students. There is a focus on combining computer science concepts with the growing field of cybersecurity. More details about registration coming soon!
Student and teacher participants receive microbits and access to other resources, while teacher participants also receive a stipend.
Monthly Meetups: TBA
Summer Teacher Event: July 10th-July 14th, 2023 / Location: Laramie, Wy + Virtual Satelite Locations
Distributed Cybersecurity Camps: Oct 2023 / Location: Various
Who can sign up? Any K-12 teacher!
6-week paid (6K) & guided research activity in one of four UWYO labs with an opportunity to contribute new knowledge to STEM!
Gain relevant authentic research experience to answer the question "when/who will ever use X" while learning about CS concepts that you can introduce into existing curriculum/materials to address Wyoming State CS Standards & Requirements. You must apply to join, there are 16 openings.